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Tier1 Pool Filter Cartridge Wand Cleaner Brush

Price $17.95 List Price Price $24.95 Save 28%
Availability: In Stock
  • Fits standard garden hose
  • Ergonomic spray handle
  • Plastic teeth deep clean between filter pleats
  • Extends the life of pool and spa filter
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The Tier1 Pool Filter Cartridge Wand Cleaner Brush, is designed to clean your filter cartridges in between changes. This tool enables increased longevity of your pool or spa filter by removing particles and fine debris. Simply attach it to your garden hose to pressure wash your filter pleats. Features water flow regulator and on/off button for ease of use. Decentralized water flow through the teeth of the brush allow for optimum pressure to wash the filter without causing damage. Order your Tier1 Pool Filter Cartridge Wand Cleaner Brush today!
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsTier1
Manufacturer's IdPAS-WAND-BRUSH
Actual Size (in)12 inches (length) x 2.4 inches (width)

Reduced Contaminants