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Essential Certified Series Tier1 Whole House Water Filtration System for Chlorine, Taste & Odor Reduction - with UV Protection

Price $1,050.00
Availability: In Stock
Fits most standard 3/4-inch water lines

Price as configured $1,050.00

The Essential Certified Series Tier1 Carbon and KDF + Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection whole home filtration system is ideal for larger homes, condominiums, and offices. With a high flow rate and resin capacity this softener can meet the demand for large homes or small businesses. Designed with the whole home in mind, the system reduces sediment, herbicides, pesticides, and chlorine taste and odor. The UV disinfection stage deactivates microbial contaminants, including protozoan cysts and viruses, by using UV light waves to deactivate the DNA of microorganisms. This process inhibits bacterial growth and reduces the viruses ability to multiply. With significant contaminant reduction and the removal of chlorine taste and odor the Essential Certified Series Tier1 Carbon and KDF + UV whole home system delivers great tasting water throughout your home. Order today!

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