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Filtrete 68710 Oreck XL Vacuum Bags (3-Pack)

Price $11.99 List Price Price $16.99 Save 29%
Availability: In Stock
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  • 1Filter$11.99 
  • 3Filters Price $11.28 each
  • 6Filters Price $10.79 each
The Filtrete 68710 Allergen Vacuum Bags keep your household cleaner by reducing dust that pollutes the air you breathe. Lessen dust-related allergies and improve your living environment with this great product. These Oreck XL replacement vacuum bags feature micro allergen technology to trap up to 94% of particles larger than 1 micron, including dust mite debris, grass and ragweed pollen. In addition, it will capture up to 57% of dirt, debris and fibers as small as 0.3 micron in size. Looking for a way to decrease the irritating nuisance of dust floating in your rooms and collecting on your furniture? Regularly replace the bags in your Oreck vacuum with quality workmanship from Filtrete. The Filtrete Oreck XL Vacuum Bags fit select Oreck XL vacuum cleaners. Quality filtration for household dust and other allergens. Value pack of three Oreck XL vacuum bags. Keeps you well-stocked for bag replacement every 1-2 months. 3M technology to reduce your allergy symptoms.
Package Qty3
Used In BrandsFiltrete, Oreck
Manufacturer's Id68710
MediaMicro Allergen
Filter Life (months)1 month
Micron Rating (Nominal)1
IncludesThree Oreck XL vacuum bags

Reduced Contaminants

The FILTRETE-68710 reduces the following contaminants:

  • Allergens
  • Dust
  • Mites
  • Pollen

The FILTRETE-68710 is comparable with the following part numbers