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Viqua VT1-DWS Drinking Water UltraViolet System

Price $370.00 List Price Price $528.99 Save 30%
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  • Mounted on a heavy-duty bracket
  • Adds integral pre-filtration to the VT1 UV disinfection system
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The Viqua VT1-DWS Drinking Water UltraViolet System adds integral pre-filtration to the VT1 UV disinfection system. The VT1-DWS features the addition of two 10-inch filter housings that hold 5 micron sediment cartridges. Pre-filtration ensures sediment is reduced before your drinking water undergoes ultraviolet treatment. The VT1-DWS features a durable stainless steel chamber and its compact size makes it ideal for point-of-use applications such as under the sink, in a basement or other tight locations requiring low-flow filtration. The VT1-DSW provides great-tasting water at a great looking price. Order now!
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsViqua
Manufacturer's IdVT1-DWS
Actual Size (in)15 inches x 17 inches x 6 inches
Actual Size (cm)38.1 x 43.18 x 15.24
Filter Life (months)12 months
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi)125
Maximum Temperature (°F)105
Flow Rate (gpm)1
Flow Rate (lpm)3.785
Fitting TypeTube
Fitting Size (inches)1/4 inch
Warranty Guarantee1 year limited warranty
IncludesIncludes two 10-inch filter housings with 5 micron sediment and taste/odour cartridges

Reduced Contaminants

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  1. UV system should be installed as demonstrated below: