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Cooler Clean Spray for Water Coolers

Price $18.09 List Price Price $24.99 Save 27%
Availability: Discontinued
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  • Cooler Clean Spray is an oxygen-based cleaner and bleaching agent that is effective in removing deposits, stains and residues that build up in portable drinking water systems
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CoolerClean Spray is a ready-to-use liquid cleaner for contact surfaces in drinking water coolers. CoolerClean Spray has been designed to sanitize the outside contact points of the water cooler (bottle cap, waterguard and taps). Simply spray on the bottle cap, on the waterguard and into each faucet for optimal results. CoolerClean has undergone extensive testing by leading European test institutes, and is registered as a disinfectant. CoolerClean has furthermore been subjected to a rigorous trial by Michael Hurst of Watermark Consultancy. CoolerClean is a product that consists only of harmless ingredients. This means that you are assured of using a product that has no risks whatsoever. Furthermore, CoolerClean is tasteless and odorless, which means that it leaves no taste or smell.
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  1. Spray once on the bottle cap after removing the seal
  2. Spray once on the waterguard
  3. Spray once into each tap
  4. This procedure should be repeated with every bottle change