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Water Hardness Kit #3 by Pro Products

Price $19.99 List Price Price $28.99 Save 31%
Availability: In Stock
  • Track changes in your hardness over time
  • Test your water and see how your treatment products are really doing
  • Model# 2029
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Figuring out the hardness levels in your water is now at your fingertips by using the Water Hardness Kit #3 by Pro Products. Test your home or business water over time and see if the hardness changes! Use this information to keep your hardness-reducing products honest and ultimately use your money more wisely.
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsPro Products, Spectrum
Manufacturer's Id2029
MSDS DocumentPro Products 2029 MSDS
Container Size (oz)1 oz
Container Size (ml)29.573
Includes1 oz container of Hardness #3 for Field Analysis Kit

Reduced Contaminants

The PRO-PRODUCTS-2029 is comparable with the following part numbers

Hardness #3

The PRO-PRODUCTS-2029 fits the following model numbers

Field Analysis Kit