Water University: 2. Why Filtered Water

By now, we all understand how important water is to our daily health. So, what kind of water is the most appropriate for our consumption? The options are generally: tap water, bottled water, or filtered water.

Tap Water

The quality of tap water is on a downward trend. Experts say that tap water has consistently worsened due to environmental damage and industrial pollution. Some communities have it worse than others. Although some of the contaminants do not cause immediate disease, it is proven that consistent consumption over time can cause serious illness, such as cancer. It is interesting to note that most municipal water supplies use chemicals, such as chlorine and fluoride, which are toxic and proven to negatively affect humans.

Bottled Water

Although bottled water is generally much safer than tap water, the quality of bottled water should also be questioned. See the 2011 Bottled Water Scorecard from EWG (Environmental Working Group). Experts believe 20-40% of bottled water is not filtered appropriately, if at all. According to an article written by Bureau Chief Greg Lucas of Sacramento, one-third of bottled water contains contaminants. Even when it is filtered well, the packaging may not be safe.
Do We Really Need Bottled Water?

"Of greater concern in the WWFN study is bottled water's negative impact on the environment. Packaging materials are often environmentally unfriendly in and of themselves."
(Envirnomental & Climate News, July 2001 previously posted at https://www.heartland.org/environment/jul01/bottled.htm)

It is true that some bottled water has been purified properly, but at what cost to the consumer? Bottled water consumers spend up to ten times more on bottled water than they would for water that is filtered as good or better than the bottled water. On average, a home filtration system is approximately 80% less money per gallon than bottled. At that rate, it doesn't take very long for savings to add up.

Bottled water consumers also miss out on the simple convenience of drawing drinking water from their faucet. Instead they have to transport large quantities of heavy bottled water. Some consumers prefer bottled water because of the portability of small bottles. However, for pennies per gallon, they could instead use a water bottle filter.

As you consider the benefits of a safer, more economical, and more convenient alternative to bottled water, it is clear that a home filtration system is the most sensible choice.
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