Why WaterFilters.NET?

In lessons 1 and 2, we learned why water is so important, and why filtered water is the best option. But where should we go to get our water filters?

WaterFilters.NET has achieved excellence in three areas that will directly benefit consumers.

Excellent Prices - Because WaterFilters.NET sells such a high quantity of water filters, we are able to get excellent deals. We pass these savings directly to you, our customers. Because you are buying directly from a wholesale distributor, there is no middle man asking for a piece of the pie.

Excellent Products - There are a lot of filters in today's market that are not even of average quality. This is not the case with the selection available at WaterFilters.NET. Our customers do not have to wade through our inventory to find filters of high quality. To ensure the highest quality water filters for our customers, we have chosen only to offer the best filtration products by the most reputable filtration manufacturers in the industry. This means you can rest assured that your filter will be of the highest quality. For more information on NSF standards and the gold seal of the WQA, we welcome you to our Certified Quality page.

Excellent Service - WaterFilters.NET is available online 24/7, which means you can conveniently shop at any time from your own home. WaterFilters.NET offers a simple and intuitive interface by which consumers can find the filters they need. We "filter" out the technical babble so you don't have to. We present a well-organized and thorough selection for all of your water filtration needs. Our Technical Support staff, led by Aquaman, a WQA (Water Quality Association) C.W.S. (Certified Water Specialist), is always ready to help with even the most complex water problems. If you need help finding your filter, we can help! We can also help you with water filter system installation services.

Moreover, water filters from WaterFilters.NET can give you water that is:
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