WaterFilters.NET Core Values

Core Values

Although WaterFilters.NET was operated with an intrinsic set of core values from its founding, the associates of WaterFilters.NET helped establish the Core Values in 2009. Together, the WaterFilters.NET team came up with the Core Values that set the stage for all of its actions to this day. The Core Values are at the heart of the company.

  • Integrity: In words and conduct that are honest & trustworthy

  • Excellence: In quality of work and customer service

  • Reliability: To coworkers, company and customers

  • Teamwork: Helping each other with our common goals

  • Attitude: With humility and respect, creating a ripple effect to others

  • Play & Positivity: Making it fun to work together

  • Energy & Motivation: Bringing passion to our work

  • Innovation: Pursuing new ideas!

  • Continuous Improvement: Strategic goal setting

Better Business Bureau Integrity Award

In addition to being rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, WaterFilters.NET was selected recently as one of three finalists in our business category for their Integrity Award.

The nomination process included demonstrating our fundamental commitment to ethics in four major areas of our business: Management Practices, Business Relations (both with customers and suppliers), Marketing and Sales Practices, and Reputation (in the broader industry and local community).

Operations Manager for WaterFilters.NET John Daniels reflected on being named a finalist: “Integrity is one of our nine WaterFilters.NET Core Values. In our company culture, business ethics are not only an outward expression, but also an inner sense driven by honesty, reliability and character.”

360 Degree Service

The principal behind all of our core values is service. This includes service to our customers, service to our suppliers, and service to all of our coworkers.

As we have grown over the years, the WaterFilters.NET leadership team has worked hard to emphasize “360 Degree Service” throughout the company’s culture. We even took the unconventional step of flipping the traditional corporate organizational chart upside down. At WaterFilters.NET, the role of management is to serve associates. Our associates directly serve you, our customers, who are the reason we are in business. And through our cause, “Water Filters for Charity,” we have a prime opportunity to serve those in need.

We see our daily work as a call to serve, perfectly aligned with a successful business model built on outstanding customer support. Whether a customer shops the online store for a replacement cartridge for their refrigerator filter, or calls the technical experts at WaterFilters.NET about a whole house filter system, every individual is valued. Now the value added includes the poor in developing countries who can also receive their basic need for healthy and abundant water.