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Watts FH4200CW12 Flowmatic Clear Filter Housing

Price $28.99 List Price Price $40.99 Save 29%
Availability: Discontinued
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The buttress thread design of the Watts FH4200W12 filter housing provides superior sealing and greater security. Watts FH4200CW12 Flowmatic Clear Plastic Filter Housings are made entirely of the highest quality FDA grade NSF listed polypropylene. The Watts FH4200CW12 filter housing features superior chemical resistance from many aggressive chemicals including most acids, alcohol, ammonia, oils, plating solutions and others. The Watts Flowmatic FH4200CW12 clear housing has thick side walls with heavy-duty ribs to provide greater strength. The cap, sump and top-seated o-rings compress to provide leak proof sealing. Heavy Duty Construction. The water filter cartridge is not included with the housing. This allows you to purchase the best water filter for your water supply. The OR-4 O-Ring should be replaced periodically to prevent leaks. Two number 10 Standard housings can be connected with a pipe nipple or pipe union. There are several pipe nipples available that can be used to connect two number 10 Standard Housings. Use the NP-12 pipe nipple to connect two number 10 Housings with 1/2-inch inlet/outlets.
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsWatts
Manufacturer's IdFH4200CW12
Actual Size (in)10 inches (length) x 4 18/25 inches (width)
Actual Size (cm)25.4 x 11.9888
Materials of ConstructionHousing: Polyprophylene, End Cap: Polyprophylene, O-Ring: EPDM
Operating Pressure (psi)0 - 125
Operating Temperature (°F)40 - 125
Operating Temperature (°C)4.4 - 51.7
Fitting Size (inches)1/2 inch
Additional InformationBurst test: Tested to 500 PSI

Reduced Contaminants