Watts Garnet-812 Water Treatment Media #8-12

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  • Garnet media, sized per requirements, is the ideal high density material
  • Garnet with its high specific gravity of 4.0 forms the lower fine grain layer
  • A filter bed composed of 55% low density material, 30% medium density material, and 15% high density material is recommended for most municipal and industrial applications
  • Convenient 50 lbs. offering
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Watts Garnet-812 Water Treatment media is coarse number 8-12 (1.5 mm) Garnet media for use as the lower (final) filtration layer of a multi-bed down flow filtration system.

In single media granular filtration, the filter media will reclassify during backwash according to granule size, with the smallest rising to the top. These smaller particles are then the first in contact with water as it flows through the sand, causing the first few inches of the filter bed to be choked by large particles. This decreases water filtration flow over time to result in frustrating, ineffective filtration.

Ideally, the larger sand particles would stay at the top to capture larger sediment while the smaller, finer sand particles stay near the bottom to provide a final polish to the water passing through the media. This can be achieved through multi-media filtration with Garnet treatment media along with other medias such as Pyrolox, Calcite, Sand, Greensand, or Birm. Garnet is a highly dense granular mineral with hardness, chemical, and durability properties that make it a superior abrasive media. Garnet is chemically static, non-metal, and ordinarily found in nature.

When used in multi-media filtration, Garnet will require high backwash rates due to its high density. However, its accompanying hardness allows it to reduce attrition and provide years of reliable service. Garnet should be used as the sub-fill or bottom layer of your filtration system. When used with other appropriate materials with different sizes and gravities, a multi-media filtration system can maintain its inverse void gradation to provide superior performance even after long periods of use in backwash.

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