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Faucet Water Filter Systems

We carry many brands of faucet filter systems. If you need help selecting a faucet filter system, please contact our customer service department. We want to help.

Faucet Filter Overview
Double-click on the video above to watch an Overview of Faucet Filter Systems.

Most Popular Faucet Water Filter System These compact faucet filter systems are designed to fit easily onto your kitchen faucet. The Culligan FM-15 Faucet Water Filter System is one of the top of the line faucet mount filter systems available. This faucet water filter reduces chlorine taste and odor, sediment, lindane, atrazine, and more. The faucet filter screws directly onto the faucet without using special tools. The Culligan FM-15 Faucet Water Filter System is rated #1 by a leading consumer magazine.

The Culligan FM-15R Replacement Faucet Water Filter Cartridge lasts for 2 months and is easy to replace. No special tools are required. The replacement faucet water filter cartridge fits in the Culligan FM-15 model. The water filter cartridge life also depends on the quality of your water.