About Us

Mission Statement

As a partner in a global movement of clean, safe water for all people, our mission is "Improving Water and the World" through:

  • "360-Degree Service"
    Our business model emphasizes servant leadership at every level, most especially for our customers.
  • "Water Filters for Charity"
    We contribute to over ten different water charities.

About Us

WaterFilters.NET warehouse with thousands of filtration solutions We take pride in running our business with minimal overhead and maximum efficiency so we can offer the best prices and the superior service our customers deserve. We stock hundreds of thousands of water products that are available for quick shipping to any location. WaterFilters.NET LLC carries many more water purification and water treatment products than what is available online, and we have access to even more water filters. WaterFilters.NET LLC is growing rapidly and constantly expanding its product line.

WaterFilters.NET has hundreds of thousands of loyal customers including end users, Fortune 500 companies, universities, government agencies, and other institutions. We provide our high quality products and service to great companies and organizations throughout the U.S. and the world.

A Few WaterFilters.NET Highlights

WaterFilters.NET has made headlines for the last several years. It was recognized in the Inc 500 as the 309th fastest growing company for growth in years 2005 through 2008. It has been recognized each year since then by Inc Magazine for staying in the top 600 fastest growing companies.

WaterFilters.NET has earned an A+ distinction by the Better Business Bureau, and was recently chosen as a finalist for the prized BBB Integrity Award.

WaterFilters.NET prides itself on world-class excellence in Customer Service Bizrate has awarded WaterFilters.NET an overall rating of "Outstanding", which is the highest rank possible for customer experience.

WaterFilters.NET has partnered with various charities, including "charity: water" and "Good 360", as well as many others to raise money for good causes.

Although WaterFilters.NET was operated with an intrinsic set of core values from its founding, the associates of WaterFilters.NET helped establish the Core Values in 2009. Together, the WaterFilters.NET team came up with the Core Values that set the stage for all of its actions to this day. The Core Values are at the heart of the company.

WaterFilters.NET prides itself on fast and customer-friendly shipping
  • Integrity: In words and conduct that are honest & trustworthy

  • Excellence: In quality of work and customer service

  • Reliability: To coworkers, company and customers

  • Teamwork: Helping each other with our common goals

  • Attitude: With humility and respect, creating a ripple effect to others

  • Play & Positivity: Making it fun to work together

  • Energy & Motivation: Bringing passion to our work

  • Innovation: Pursuing new ideas!

  • Continuous Improvement: Strategic goal setting