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    Tier1 KDF Replacement Media for 1054 Whole Home Water Filtration System

    • KDF media that fits conveniently into the riser tube that inserts into the systems water chamber

    • Designed to reduce chlorine taste and odor and heavy metals while prohibiting microorganism growth

    format_list_bulleted Features & Specs
    Package Qty: 1
    Media: KDF media
    Operating Temperature (°F): 40 - 110
    Brand: Tier1
    Height (in): 54 in
    warning_amber Contaminants Reduced
  • Chlorine
  • Heavy Metals
  • Particulates

  • Tier1 KDF Replacement Media for 1054 Water Filtration System is KDF 55 media that reduces chlorine taste and odor, heavy metals and inhibits microorganism growth. This media comes contained in the media riser chamber attached to the riser tube that is placed inside the water system.