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    USWF 25 Lbs. 1/2 Cu. Ft. Ion Exchange Water Softener Resin

    • 1/2 cubic foot of premium grade, high capacity, durable cation exchange water softener resin with excellent chemical and physical properties.

    • Provides silky smooth soft water to ensure you, your clothing, and your dishes look and feel great.

    • Reduces soap scum and limescale extending the life of water appliances.

    • 100% compatible with all water softener systems, commercial and residential.

    format_list_bulleted Features & Specs
    Manufacturer's Id: 8P-25LBS
    Actual Size (in): 1/2 cubic foot (25 lbs)
    Media: 8% Cation (Na+) Form
    Primary Filter Media: Ion Exchange Resin
    Brand: USWF
    Media Type: Ion Exchange Resin
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    USWF-8P-12LBS is one quarter cubic foot of premium 8% cross-linked water softener replacement resin. This resin can be used with any water softener system from traditional mechanical softeners, new digital water softeners, or even portable RV systems. This strong acid cation exchange resin supplied in the sodium form is extremely robust and has excellent physical and chemical characteristics. Are you regenerating your water softener more often to keep water soft? Is your water softener going through more salt than it used to? Is your water no longer lathering well with soaps or leaving scum in your tub? Chlorine found in municipal city water supplies degrades water softener resin over time causing it to deteriorate and loose effectiveness. Give new life to your water softener with USWF-8P water softener resin.

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    • TIER1-IER-110, TIER1-IER-100, C100E, C108DQ(NA), AF-HS-050R, SOFRES1