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    USWF RQ950 Replacement Quartz Sleeve | Fits US Water Filters H4-PL Pool UV System

    • Affordably priced replacement USWF RQ950 quartz sleeve

    • Replacement Quartz sleeve for the USWF-H4-PL 82 gpm pool UV system

    • Quartz sleeves can be cleaned and reused, but if your quartz sleeve, cracks, breaks, or the becomes permanently cloudy and can not be cleaned it needs to be replaced

    • Includes 2 replacement O-rings

    format_list_bulleted Features & Specs
    Package Qty: 1
    Manufacturer's Id: USWF-RQ950
    Brand: USWF
    Height (in): 0.9 in
    Length (in): 39.2 in
    Width (in): 0.9 in
    Includes: Quartz Sleeve, 2 O-rings

    The quartz sleeve is an important part of the UV water treatment system. It protects the UV lamp from coming in contact with the water while allowing the UV light to permeate the water. Minerals from the water will build up on the sleeve over time causing the sleeve to become cloudy not allowing the UV light to permeate the water as effectively. How quickly the minerals build up on the sleeve will vary depending on your water hardness. Once the mineral layer on the quartz sleeve cannot be removed via cleaning, or the sleeve cracks or breaks it's time to get a replacement. USWF-RQ950 is a replacement sleeve for the USWF-H4-PL Pool UV system. All quartz sleeves come with 2 replacement o-rings.

    How Do Pool UV Systems Work?

    Ultraviolet light systems emit UV light at a wavelength that damages microorganisms' cellular function neutralizing their ability to function and reproduce. As water circulates through the pool's filtration system and goes through the UV chamber viruses, algae spores, pathogens and microorganisms exposed to the UV light are sterilized. This reduces the chemical disinfection load on the pool and enables pool and spa owners to lower their residual chlorine levels. Because less chlorine is required for disinfection this also lower the amount of chlorine byproducts in the pool which dramatically reduces pool chlorine smell, and the frequency that pool shock is required.