Frigidaire 218710300 PureSource / PureSourcePlus Refrigerator Filter Wrench

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If you have a PureSource or PureSourcePlUSFilter in your fridge, then you know how tough it can be to loosen the filter cup--you know, that white plastic housing The filter cartridge lives in. Somehow The filter cup seems to glue itself in place, and no amount of twisting will break it loose. This simple plastic wrench gives you just enough leverage so you can finally change that dirty filter! The Frigidaire PureSource/PureSourcePlus Refrigerator Filter Wrench fits refrigerators that use PureSource and PureSourcePlus water filters. Perfect for loosening a stuck filter housing, making it easier to change your filter.
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Used In Brands Frigidaire
Manufacturer's Id 218710300
UPC 799705694217
Actual Size (in) 2 5/8 inches (outside diameter)
Actual Size (cm) 6.6675

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