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GE Merlin Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element

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The GE Merlin Reverse Osmosis Membrane 1238342 is the replacement RO Membrane for the tankless GE Merlin Reverse Osmosis System. The GE Merlin RO System requires two of these membranes to operate. The GE Merlin RO Membrane TLC-350 has a packaged shelf life of approximately 8 months when refrigerated. The GE Merlin Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements should be replaced every 2-4 years. The GE Merlin Membrane is also knows as Part 1238342, 3027637, 4000569.
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsGE Merlin
Manufacturer's IdTLC-350
Actual Size (in)18 3/4 inches (length) x 3 4/25 inches (width)
Actual Size (cm)47.625 x 8.0264
MediaThin-Film Composite
Primary Filter MediaSemi-Permeable Membrane
Filter Life (months)24 months
Flow Rate (gpm)0.25
Flow Rate (lpm)0.95
Flow Rate (gpd)750
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Additional InformationPackaged Shelf Life: 8 Months Refrigerated

Reduced Contaminants

The MERLIN-TLC-350 is comparable with the following part numbers



  1. Do not install the reverse osmosis system in extreme temperatures
  2. Temperature of the water supply to the reverse osmosis system must be between 40 deg F (4 deg C) and 100 deg F (38 deg C)
  3. Do not install on hot water lines
  4. The reverse osmosis membranes contain a foodgrade preservative for storage and shipment
  5. New membranes should be flushed for one hour prior to use
  6. The flush removes the preservative--it is not harmful but makes the product water taste objectionable