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    Omnipure Q5605 Sediment Water Filters

    format_list_bulleted Features & Specs
    Package Qty: 1
    Manufacturer: Omnipure
    Manufacturer's Id: Q5605
    UPC: 799932588839
    Media: Polypropylene Depth Filtration
    Primary Filter Media: Polypropylene
    Operating Temperature (°F): 35 - 100
    Operating Temperature (°C): 1.7 - 37.8
    Brand: Omnipure
    Advertised Size: 12 x 2-1/2
    Media Type: Sediment Filter
    Country of Origin: United States
    Micron Rating Nominal: 5
    Flow Rate (gpm): 0.5
    description Instructions
    1. Omnipure Q5605 water filters should be installed on cold water lines only
    2. Omnipure Q5605 water filters should not be used where the water is microbiologically unsafe
    3. Each time you change your filter, clean and apply silicone food grade lubricant (such as OR-LUBRICANT-LG or OR-LUBRICANT-SM) generously to both the small and large o-ring in the Q-Series Head
    4. It is recommended that you replace the Omnipure H-118 O-Ring every time you change your filter
    5. The H-118 O-Ring is the larger of the two o-rings in the Q-Series Head System
    6. If you do not replace the H-118 O-Ring, you may experience leaking because the o-ring adjusts to the shape of the old filter, which may be slightly different than the new filter
    7. The Omnipure H-011 O-Ring is the smaller o-ring in the Q-Series Head, inspect this o-ring for any signs of damage, and replace as needed
    filter_alt Filter Life
    Filter Life (months): 6 months

    The Omnipure Q5605 water filter is designed for quick and simple installation with a twist of the wrist. Improves the taste of drinking water and cooking water. The Omnipure Q5605 water filter can be used in beverage equipment, Reverse Osmosis Systems, drinking water fountains, ice machines, and other point-of-use applications. Reduces sediment.

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