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    Dow Corning Molykote 111 O-Ring Silicone Lubricant (5.3 oz. Tube)

    format_list_bulleted Features & Specs
    Package Qty: 1
    Manufacturer: Tier1
    Manufacturer's Id: OR-LUBRICANT-LG
    UPC: 799932614583
    Operating Temperature (°F): 40 - 200
    Warranty Guarantee: Unconditional Product Guarantee for Life of the Product
    Brand: Tier1
    Container Size (ml): 156.74 pt
    Container Size (oz): 5.3 pt
    description Instructions
    1. First, wipe your old O-Ring clean
    2. Then wipe the groove in the filter housing clean
    3. Finally, apply enough lubricant on the O-Ring to give it a gloss
    4. The ORing is ready to place back in the housing
    5. If the O-Ring is bent, crimped, or showing signs of wear, you should replace the o-ring
    verified_user Warranty Info
    Warranty Guarantee: Unconditional Product Guarantee for Life of the Product

    The Dow Corning O-Ring Lubricant (Molykote) is food and beverage safe. The food-grade lubricant is FDA and NSF approved. Use the Dow Corning 111 O-Ring Silicone Lubricant on all brands of Whole House Water Filter Housing Rubber and Plastic O-Rings and Gaskets, all Reverse Osmosis System O-Rings, all Drinking Water Filtration Systems, all Ultraviolet System O-Rings, and Water Softener and Carbon Water Filter O-Rings. This o-ring sealant is recommended for all water treatment o-rings and seals. The Dow Corning 111 Silicone Sealant is premium grade and can also be used in underwater photography cameras, scuba gear, lubrication for control and pressure plug valves, water softener and faucet valves, sealant for vacuum and pressure systems, sealant for outdoor equipment (also shipboard) subject to washing and harsh environment exposure: meters, electrical service entrance and underground connections, damping medium for dash pots in electrical and electronic equipment, used as an anti-stick and sealant for transformer gasket and equipment enclosures. It prevents gaskets from sticking to metal and resists weathering and water washout. The Dow Corning 111 Lubricant has a chemical barrier coating, good resistance to most chemicals, low vapor pressure, low volatility, and excellent water resistance. Should I use a lubricant on my O-Ring? If you choose to reuse your water filter housing o-rings, you should use a lubricant on the o-rings to keep them effective. You should only use a special silicone lubricant. Do I need to lubricate the gasket on the filter cartridge? Generally, no, because each replacement filter cartridge comes with its own new gasket if one is needed. The rubber gasket is the top or bottom part of the replacement filter cartridge and is not the same as the o-ring.

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