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    Rusco FS-1-500 Spin-Down Polyester Replacement Filter

    • Advertised size includes ball valve attachment

    format_list_bulleted Features & Specs
    Package Qty: 1
    Manufacturer: Rusco
    Manufacturer's Id: FS-1-500
    UPC: 659498005198
    Actual Size (in): 5 1/4 inches (height) x 1 1/4 (outside diameter)
    Media: Pleated Polyester w/ Screen
    Primary Filter Media: Pleated Polyester
    Brand: Rusco
    Advertised Size: 11-3/8 x 5
    Fitting Size (in): 1 in
    Length (in): 5.25 in
    Outside Diameter (in): 1.25 in
    Width (in): 1.25 in
    Media Type: Sediment Filter
    Mesh Size: 500
    Micron Rating Nominal: 30
    Includes: Spin-Down Polyester Replacement Filter
    description Instructions
    1. After you have installed your Rusco system, you can simply turn the flush valve parallel with the system when you notice excessive buildup of sediment
    2. You should clean your filter screens every few months and replace them every 6-12 months depending on your water usage
    3. The primary method of cleaning the Rusco filter is purging separated solids through the flush valve while the filter is under system pressure (can be done manually with the flush valve or automated with the optional Automatic Flush Valve)
    4. The filter element may need to be removed and cleaned
    5. To remove the filter element turn off the water supply and drain water pressure
    6. Unscrew the clear cover and remove the filter element
    7. Wash off collected sediment by spraying with water
    8. Remove fine particles wedged in the screen with a soft brush
    9. Apply silicone grease to o-rings if needed and reassemble
    warning_amber Contaminants Reduced
  • Dirt Sand Sediment
  • Particulates
  • Sand
  • Sediment

  • Rusco sediment filters make solid particle removal simple and economical. The Rusco replacement screen elements can be cleaned several times before needing to be replaced. The Rusco filter screen is easy to clean. No tools required. This Rusco replacement filter element is made of polyester. The Rusco sediment screen elements are also available in stainless steel for heavy duty sediment filtration.

    RUSCO-FS-1-500   fits the following model number(s)

    • RUSCO-1-500-F