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    Warranty Guarantee: One (1) year Limited Warranty


    USWF RL420HO Replacement UV Lamp | Fits US Water Filters 4C151/4CR2 Whole House UV Systems

    • Affordably priced replacement USWF RL420HO UV lamp

    • Replacement UV lamp for the USWF 4C151 & 4CR2 15 gpm ultraviolet water treatment systems

    • 10,000 Hours lamp life, replace your lamp annually to ensure optimal system performance

    • US Water Filter replacement lamps are manufactured in the USA to provide the highest level of performance and peace of mind with continuous, reliable disinfection for the life of the bulb.

    format_list_bulleted Features & Specs
    Package Qty: 1
    Manufacturer: USWF
    Manufacturer's Id: USWF-RL420HO
    Actual Size (in): 16.5 in (end to end)
    Warranty Guarantee: One (1) year Limited Warranty
    Brand: USWF
    Includes: UV Lamp, 2 O-rings
    filter_alt Filter Life
    Filter Life (months): 12 months
    verified_user Warranty Info
    Warranty Guarantee: One (1) year Limited Warranty

    Prop65 warning applies to products that contain carbon media. Click here for more details

    WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov

    Genuine US Water Filters replacement lamp for the USWF-4C151 and USWF-4CR2 UV systems. USWF lamps are backed by a one-year, no-hassle warranty. The USWF-RL420HO boasts a 10,000 hour lamp life, which means low hassle and maintenance for 13 months between lamp changes. After 10,000 hours the UV light weakens and isn't strong enough to properly treat your water. Replacing your lamp annually ensures optimal system performance. Safety Note: NEVER look directly at the UV lamp when it is powered on. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid injury to eyes and skin. After a year, UV light weakens and isn't strong enough to properly treat your water. Replacing your lamp annually ensures optimal system performance. Includes 2 replacement o-rings.

    How Does UV Disinfection Work?

    Ultraviolet light water treatment systems utilize special UV lamps that emit UV light at a wavelength that damages microorganisms cellular function neutralizing the microorganisms DNA and their ability to function and reproduce. Because the microorganisms cannot replicate they cannot infect other organisms they come in contact with. This disinfects the water without the need for chemicals which need to be precisely administered and carefully monitored. Once installed the UV lamp runs 24/7 constantly disinfecting the water that travels through it and only requires minimal annual maintenance to keep running.

    Because UV light only travels in a straight line any shadow or obstruction will reduce its efficiency. This means it is important to filter your water before UV treatment to make sure suspended particles like silt and sand are removed. Hardness minerals can also build up on the quartz sleeve which may require cleaning during lamp changes, however if the incoming water is hard enough a water softener is also recommended for pretreatment to reduce this buildup.

    Naturally sourced water should be professionally tested and treated before it is used for drinking, bathing, filling swimming and paddling pools, food preparation or cooking. A number of water treatment systems can be used to remove microbiological contaminants that may cause illness. Ultraviolet light disinfection is an effective, reliable, environmentally friendly and chemical free water treatment system that can be used to disinfect water from most forms of microbiological contamination.

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    • UWSF-4CR2
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