SIGG Water Bottle

More than just pretty, SIGG water bottles are extrusion-pressed from a single piece of aluminum for seamless, leak-proof construction. Plus, on all SIGG aluminum bottles, a taste-neutral, food-compatible enamel is sprayed and baked to the interior surface. The result is a crack and impact-resistant bottle impervious to the acidity of wine, juices, soda pop and isotonic drinks.

The SIGG EcoCare Liner is a safe polymer coating that is baked on and bonded to the aluminum shell during manufacturing. The liner makes sure that no taste or odor transfers from the bottle to your drink. SIGG's liner has been tested and certified to be 100% free of BPA, BADGE, phthalates, NOGE and BFDGE. And because the coating is only 40 microns thick, the entire SIGG bottle is fully recyclable.

SIGG recently introduced a line of stainless steel bottles called Steelworks by SIGG. These reusable bottles have no liner, are slightly heavier than the traditional aluminum SIGG, and have a more industrial style.

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