Water Pitcher Replacement Filters

Get refreshing purified water straight from your faucet with our water pitcher replacement cartridges. Replacing the pitcher water filters is quick and easy. We carry the replacement water pitchers cartridges for Culligan Water Pitchers, Brita Water Pitchers, GE Water Pitchers, and PUR Water Pitchers. We have an extensive line of interchangeable pieces for all system varieties.

If you haven't installed one yet, visit our inventory of filtered water pitchers. Go to our Water Filter Pitcher System Page and find the one that best suits your needs!

Water Filter Pitcher Information

When we think about wanting to have something nice to drink, a lot of us default to: "A tall, cold glass of water." We want our water to taste fresh, clean, and cool, and we shouldn't have to compromise our standards.

With some local water supplies, this is a challenge. Many of our homes suffer from water supplies that provide us with water that is technically clean but is, in reality, not meeting our needs. It may just taste off - chlorinated, sour, wrong. Or, worse, it may be actually contaminated by bacteria that affects our stomachs and makes us ill. There is a wide range of problems that we can have with our drinking water. Fortunately, there are many water filtering systems available to us that allow us to easily and inexpensively take care of these problems.

The quickest, fastest, and by far the easiest fix for getting yourself clean, tasty drinking water is by using a water filter pitcher. These are extremely simple devices that can do you and your drinking water a world of good.

The water filter pitcher is basically a simple plastic water pitcher with additional pieces that sit atop the pitcher itself. A deep cradle that sets into the pitcher holds a carbon filter. You draw water from your kitchen tap into the cradle, and the water passes through the filter into the bottom of the pitcher, which is filled within a few minutes. Then there's a lid with a spout attachment that fits over the pitcher - and you're all set. It's such a simple arrangement that even a child can work it.

The carbon filters are small miracles. Activated carbon is suspended inside each cartridge and the carbon traps sediment and unwanted elements in your water. Most activated carbon filters will reduce levels of mercury, copper, zinc, chlorine, and sediment in your water. Some will remove lead from the drinking water, as well. Carbon filters need to be replaced every so often; the frequency is determined by the level of use in your particular household. Changing the water filter every three months, with average use, is most manufacturer's recommendation. The fact is, if your water has a noticeably unpleasant taste, you won't find it hard to remember to change the filter because carbon activated filters do tend to lose efficacy after a while. You will be able to tell when it is time to install a new filter: When you sense that the water in your pitcher is losing that bright, fresh taste, it's time to change the filter.

Using a water filter pitcher requires minimal effort on your part; it is a matter of buying the pitcher and a filter and changing the filter periodically. Beyond that, you do not have much to worry about. Occasionally you'll want to give the pitcher, the plastic cradle, and the lid a good scrubbing, but this isn't hard and it's just common sense to keep it clean - any frequently-used kitchen item is going to want a cleaning now and then, and your water filter pitcher would deserve the same respect you'd pay to anything else you'd cook on or with.

Solidly reliable water filter pitchers are available from many companies, with different styles and subtle differences. One thing your research will tell you, pretty quickly, is that in biological terms and in financial terms, the water filter pitcher is a very cost-efficient way of providing your household with fresh, clean drinking water all the time.

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