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    Warranty Guarantee: One (1) Year Limited Warranty


    Viqua Replacement Quartz Sleeve QS-330

    • Genuine VIQUA Sterilight QS-330 Quartz Sleeve

    • Compatible with VIQUA Sterilight R-Can VT4, VTV/2, S2Q-PA, S2Q-PA/2, S2Q, S2Q/2, S2Q-GOLD, S2Q-GOLD/2, SSM-17, SSM-17/2 UV Systems

    • Viqua Sterilight Replaces the Brands R-Can and Sterilume

    • VIQUA UV system will disinfect against microbiological contaminants, providing you and your family with treated drinking water

    format_list_bulleted Features & Specs
    Package Qty: 1
    UPC: 773058032056
    Actual Size (in): 25.25 inches (Length) x 3.25 inches (Width)
    Warranty Guarantee: One (1) Year Limited Warranty
    Brand: Viqua
    Length (in): 25.25 in
    Width (in): 3.25 in
    UPC's For Search: 773058032056
    description Instructions
    1. Close the main water supply to the UV System, and then open a tap downstream of the UV System to release pressure.
    2. Disconnect the main power source and allow the unit to cool for 10 minutes.
    3. Remove the top retaining nut and O-ring.
    4. Remove the bottom retaining nut, spring, and loosen the Oring to drain the water. NOTE: Ensure that the quartz sleeve does not slide through.
    5. Remove the quartz sleeve from the UV chamber.
    6. Clean the quartz sleeve with a cloth soaked in CLR, vinegar, or some other mild acid, and then rinse with water.
    7. Re-insert the quartz sleeve with O-ring(s), spring, and retaining nut(s).
    8. Hand tighten the retaining nut(s), taking care not to over-tighten.
    filter_alt Filter Life
    Filter Life (gallons): 12 months
    verified_user Warranty Info
    Warranty Guarantee: One (1) Year Limited Warranty

    The QS-330 Sterilight UV quartz sleeve is used with the S2Q-PA system and comes with 2 o-rings. Minerals in your water will coat the quartz sleeve over time with use, this coating must we cleaned off to prevent a reduction in filtration performance. When the quartz sleeve can not be cleaned then it must be replaced.

    Specs End type: Open Ended ID: 0.79" or 20mm ± .2mm OD: 0.91" or 23mm ± .2mm Length: 14.76" or 375mm ± 3.5mm

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