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Everyday Series Tier1 32,000 Grain High Efficiency Digital Water Softener

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Installs directly onto water inlet line. System includes 3/4-inch fittings. Depending on the point-of-installation plumbing, the purchase of reducers or couplers may be necessary.
Available Add-Ons

Fits most standard 3/4-inch water lines requiring a threaded connection

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Tier1 3/4-inch Flexible Plumbing Connector

Fits most standard 3/4-inch water lines requiring a threaded connection
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3/4 Inch PTC X 3/4 Inch FIP 18-Inch Flex Connector

Stainless steel flexible 3/4" push to connect and 3/4" FIP 18-inch connector
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  • Installs easily on to 3/4 inch piping
  • Programmable digital control valve with LCD
  • Reduces harsh and damaging effects of scale build up
  • Requires minimal floor space for convenient access and installation
› See more product details
  • Installs easily on to 3/4 inch piping
  • Programmable digital control valve with LCD
  • Reduces harsh and damaging effects of scale build up
  • Requires minimal floor space for convenient access and installation
The Everyday Series 32,000 Grain Capacity Water Softener is here to help alleviate dry skin, hair, and scaling pipes due to hard water. The Tier1 WS-165-132 features an easy-to-use LCD display showing pertinent operational information . Easy connect fittings on the brine line, drain line, and included power cord, ensure a fast and easy installation. It is not necessary to live with the perils of hard water, such as dry skin, scale build-up and dull laundry. Want to know more? Head over to our Hard Water Resource Center.
Everyday Series Tier1 32,000 Grain Capacity Water Softener Additional Spec Info

Grains: 32,000
Mineral Tank Dimensions: 9" x 48" (without control valve)
Mineral Tank Dimensions: 10" x 55.5" (with control valve)
Brine Tank Dimensions: 15" x 34"
Cubic Feet of Resin in Mineral Tank: 1 cubic foot of Cation Resin 7%

Control Valve: Manual Bypass Valve

Grains of Hardness

When a water softener is referring to 'grains' it's talking about how many grains of hardness it can process before regenerating. Grains of hardness processed depends on how large your household is, as well as how hard your water actually is.

A family of 3 people with 20 grains of hardness: Your family of 3 will use approx. 225 gallons of water per day (3 people x 75 gallons per person). Since the water has 20 grains of hardness, you'll need to treat 4,500 grains of hardness per day (225 X 20). Water treatment capacity = (32,000 x .75) divided by 20 = 1200. Your system will regenerate after about 5 days (1200/225). ((32,000 grain capacity x 75% capacity)/ 4,500 grains per day).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Max. Hardness of the Water (in GPG)? During set-up, the customer customizes the regeneration cycle based on their water hardness level

How much is the max. Clear Water Iron Removal (ppm)? An iron filter is recommended for iron levels above 0.3ppm

Is it Demand Initiated or Timed? The WS-165-132 is demand initiated, the control valve features a water use probe (impeller), which measures water use

How long does the Regeneration Cycle take? Two hours

Will I experience a disruption in water service during the Regeneration Cycle? Yes, there will be a disruption to water service during this time. Most of our customers schedule the Regeneration Cycle for 2:00 AM, ensuring there are no conflicts. If a disruption in water service during the Regeneration Cycle is an issue, select the Tier1 Automatic Bypass Control Valve water softener!

How much salt do I use in the 100L square brine tank? We recommend using no more than three 40 pound bags of water softener salt

What is in the mineral tank? The system arrives to you pre-filled, ready for use with Cation Exchange Resin 7%

Does it have an indicator to notify me about low salt? No

What if my home is plumbed with PEX or CPVC supply tubing? Homes plumbed with PEX or CPVC supply tubing may require the use of compression fittings, such as the Sharkbite® brand. Due to varying sizes and configurations, compression fittings are not included with the water softener. If these fittings are required, they can be purchased for a reasonable price at most hardware stores

Package Qty1
Manufacturer's IdWS-165-132
Actual Size (in)48 inches (Length) x 9 inches (Width)
MediaCation Resin
Primary Filter MediaIon Exchange Resin
Filter Life (Years)10
Filter Life (months)120 months
Operating Pressure (psi)20 - 120
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi)120
Operating Temperature (°F)40 - 100
Flow Rate (gpm)11.2
Fitting TypeFPT
Fitting Size (inches)3/4 inch
Power RequirementsStandard 120v outlet
Tank Dimensions9 X 48 inches
Reduction ClassHardness
IncludesMineral tank, brine tank, cation resin media, LCD display valve

Reduced Contaminants

The TIER1-WS-165-132 reduces the following contaminants:

  • Calcium
  • Hard Scale
  • Hardness

Installation Guide


  1. Resin Tank - the tank will have a temporary shipping cap, a master O-Ring, and a piece of tape covering the riser tube. The cap, master O-Ring (another is supplied) and the tape must be removed and discarded prior to attaching the control valve and the upper distributor. This water softener includes regular control valve connections and a bypass valve connection; therefore, a set of installation components has been included for each method of installation. As such, following installation, the installer will be left with an “extra set” of installation components (animated connectors, brine line flow control, master O-Ring, washers).
  2. Read the complete Installation Guide
  3. Unpack the Tier1 WS-165-132 and ensure all parts pictured and listed above are present. Rotate the shutoff valve at the main water line to the OFF position.
  4. Shut off power supply to water heater – only if you will be draining the tank
  5. Open the highest and lowest water faucets in your home (drainage and pressure allowance)
  6. Ensure you are aware of local laws and codes regarding the installation, use, and maintenance of water softeners
  7. Begin assembly:

  8. See manual for full assembly instructions in detail, includes pictures and parts checklist.
  9. For valve programming assistance please consult your owners manual and refer to the video below: